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Philanthropy in the workplace

by Admin 27. August 2014 09:47

by Shannon Bailey, Global Printing 

This year is Global Printing’s second year participating as a Light the Night team for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  We were connected to the group through a personal contact of mine, but little did I know that so many people have their own personal connection to this cause.

Global does not have a formal structure to our philanthropic activity, but garnering company-wide involvement has been great for team building and general workplace camaraderie.  At times, the company seems departmentalized: production employees are downstairs, designers and web developers in dimly lit rooms working their creative genius, mailing personnel in a neighboring building, and the sales team running constantly in and out of the office.  By organizing fundraising events around the office, we have the rare opportunity to interact.

This unexpected benefit was seen most clearly during an event held last July.  We held the First Annual Global Field Day.  We set up yard games such as corn hole, ladder golf and bocce ball, and thanks to a Chamber connection, Rocklands BBQ agreed to bring their food truck.  Immediately we noticed that employees from all departments of the company were mingling, most of whom don’t otherwise interact during the work week. We were not talking about projects or deadlines. We were talking about summer vacations, baseball and weekend plans.

In addition to the Field Day, we also have bake sales every Friday in September.  Simple concept, but this creates a new watering hole in the office.  It’s an opportunity for people to take a break from the day, get a sugar fix and chit-chat for a few minutes.

We all have personal fundraising goals, but as a team we are striving to raise $16,000. While this is an amazing organization and cause, we have seen additional and somewhat unexpected, benefits from our Global Light the Night team.

I would recommend every company to consider implementing some form of philanthropy in the workplace. Your organization of choice gets the obvious perks of your support, but your company will equally benefit from working together as a team for good cause!  If only every business relationship were as mutually beneficial!

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