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TMI and Arlington Community Foundation Partner to create Technology Management Initiative

by Admin 4. June 2014 10:30
By Kelly Doherty, Technology Management Initiative

TMI was recently awarded the Green Business Award by the Arlington Chamber of Commerce.  What does it mean to “be green?”  Here at TMI we think being green is as simple as remembering the three r's: reduce, reuse, recycle. 

During the luncheon on May 20th, Ann Isaacson  had the pleasure of briefly introducing our partnership with the Arlington Community Foundation (ACF) and our newest project – the Technology Management Initiative.  The Technology Management Initiative (T.M.I.) is an opportunity for us all to apply the three r's to our technology: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Every day we are reducing the amount of technology that we need to get our jobs done. We used to require a desktop computer, a telephone and perhaps a handheld calendar device.(Remember the Palm Pilot?!) Many of us are now doing with one or two devices what used to require three or four!

But what should we do with last year's technology? How can we reuse it? TMI will collect used computers as donations and refurbish them. TMI (and their trained volunteers) will completely erase your hard drive and reinstall an operating system. Those computers that were collecting dust have an opportunity to be reused and we are reducing the waste that ends up in county landfills!

The last step is to recycle your technology. ACF will take applications from local non-profits explaining how a computer could help them help our community. It's that simple.From the applicants ACF will match existing technology in the T.M.I. inventory with the needs of local non-profits. The laptop that was destined for the landfill that you've been hanging onto because you didn't know how to safely dispose of it – it can be recycled into our community!

How do I get involved?

Do you have items to donate?  We will be accepting used laptops, desktops, monitors, keyboards and printers! Are you a non-profit that has identified a need? If you are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit serving those who live or work in Arlington you are eligible to submit an application with the Arlington Community Foundation.

Want to volunteer?

TMI will require some volunteer efforts to refurbish equipment. If you are interested in donating, applying or volunteering please contact David Isaacson at and he will be in touch.

We are really excited about this new venture with ACF and we wanted to get you all of the details that we have currently. We are still in the process of developing our volunteer program and our application process and we will be sending out new information as soon as we have it available. In the interim, we wanted to make sure that you knew that you no longer have to wonder what to do with that computer that has been collecting dust!

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