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The 4th of July: Workplace Edition

by Admin 2. July 2013 09:04

By Amy Fisher, Communications Manager, Arlington Chamber of Commerce 

Stuck at the office around the 4th? Even if Independence Day is a work holiday, sometimes you just can’t afford to take more work off to celebrate a long 4th of July week/weekend. This can leave you in an eerily quiet office with a handful of others in the same predicament. But don’t worry, there are still ways to celebrate America’s independence within the confines of your office, and have fun while doing it!

Four Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July at the Office:

1. Patriotic Potluck – Organize a celebration with your coworkers where everyone brings in food that is red, white or blue. This can be as simple as buying donuts or cookies with a patriotic theme, or as hands-on as making your own 4th of July food creations. You’ll end up with a colorful spread that screams “We love America!” Tip: Create a potluck sign-up sheet in the break room or send it in an email so everyone can write down what they’re bringing. This will help ensure you have a variety, and not all sweets!

2. Revolutionary Refreshments – It may not be 100% kosher to have cocktails in the office, but there are plenty of alcohol-free punches that are simple and delicious. Fruity drinks are definitely the way to go when celebrating a summer holiday, so think lemonade or fruit juice with fresh fruit. Stick with fruits that are red and blue like strawberries and blueberries to keep with the red, white and blue theme. Bring the refreshing punch to the office, then cheers to America’s independence!

3. Birthday Break – Okay, so maybe you don’t have enough people in the office for a potluck or enough time to organize one. It is still important to get out of the stuffy office and into the fresh air around others celebrating the 4th festivities. Round up your coworkers and go out for some fro-yo or enjoy lunch at a classic American restaurant. Getting out of the office to celebrate America’s birthday will help you from going stir crazy in the quiet (and possibly slow) office, as well as give you a chance for some quality time with coworkers.

4. Social Salute – Bring in some fun 4th of July decorations and dress-up the break room. Think "Happy Independence Day" banner, red, white and blue streamers, and American flag tablecloths–go all out! Group your coworkers together and decorate the break room–or office lobby, if you dare–for a break from your desks. Take some pictures while you decorate. Once it is all finished, capture a group picture by all your decorations. Then, post the photos of your “Salute to America” decorations on your business’ social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter. People will love seeing your business’ employees having fun while in the office during this holiday. Social media, after all, is about connections and being social.

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